Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a copier and a printer?
A copier copies another document and a printer prints a document created in your computer. Virtually all 
the copiers and printers we offer are multifunction, which means they copy, print, scan and fax.

What options can I get on my copier/printer?
All of our copiers/printers are completely refurbished and we can add just about any option to any copier 
or printer. Copy, print, scan, scan to e-mail, document feeder, duplex, fax, stapler/finisher, hole punch, 
booklet maker, saddle stitch, large capacity tray, you name it. 

How soon can I get delivery?
We can deliver as soon as the same day.

What do you charge for networking or do I need to hire someone to do that?
If you require a network, we have a full service team to wire (CAT6)  your facility, program routers, and switch boxes.

How expensive is color compared to black & white?
The cost of color copiers/printers has dropped dramatically in recent years making color much more 
affordable, especially with used equipment. Typically the cost of a color copier/printer is only a few 
hundred dollars more than black & white.

Do you offer a warranty?
Each of our copiers/printers is backed by a 30-day warranty which covers all parts and labor. We also 
offer maintenance agreements on all copiers/printers which includes a 5-year warranty.

What does your Maintenance Agreement cover?
The Maintenance Agreement covers everything except paper and staples: all parts, labor, toner, drums, 
etc. Everything except paper and staples.

Do you lease copiers/printers?
We do offer lease options on all copiers/printers. Lease payments are extremely low. 

Do you rent copiers/printers?
Yes, we rent copiers/printers, short term or long term. We also offer rent to own programs as well.

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