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Parts Request

Copier Repair

Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Agreement have been around for years and utilized by most companies.  Over the years businesses wanted to know what exact cost are? 

The actual purchase price, supplies the cost per copy, and maintenance cost per year for a 100,000, 200,000, etc...

Maintenance Agreements include the cost of a service call, parts, and labor.

Supplies Request

Customer Replacement Unit (CRU)

KonicaMinota BizHubs are so popular because they are well built and fairly simple to maintain.  Manufactured utilizing a modular design, different sections can be replaced, as simply as swapping old with new or refurbished.

Service Call Request

Pay per Copy (Includes Service)

Also known as "Pay per Click".  Service and Supplies are bundle into one agreement.  Prices are formulated based on usage, the more you use the less per copy.

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